scaling bitcoin

Scaling Bitcoin is not an issue

Why did the market crashed? What brought it down? Who’s responsible for this calamity? When will it fully recover?
EOS Alliance

EOS Alliance Launches with the Mandate to “Empower EOS For All”

Initial Board Members Include Prominent EOS Influencers Brock Pierce, Bancor and LiquidEOS Co-Founder Galia Benartzi, and Multi-Platinum Music Artist AKON
XLM blockchain

XLM blockchain keeps on getting better

The XLM blockchain platform is establishing itself as an alternative to Ethereum and Ripple, mainly for the characteristics of its smart contracts.
blockchain manifesto

A Blockchain Manifesto: “a new public good”

Franco Bentivogli (Fim Cisl) and Massimo Chiriatti proposed it, saying: "The technology allows a true decentralization of value among all the subjects participating in the network".
blockchain live

Blockchain Live, the unmissable event in London

The UK capital will host a conference with EOS, Nick Szabo, Alex Tapscott and more important speaker
mining hashrate

Mining hashrate keeps increasing, but Nvidia doesn’t benefit

Mining contrasting signals: power reaches new records, but some hardware manufacturers report a strong decrease in sales
vechain trading

VeChain trading: prices reach new highs

The token listed on Binance and Houbi increases by 50% but it is too early to talk about a reversal. Nothing exciting in the sector after the recent rebound. Market cap at 215 billion dollars blockchain blockchain platform is here

Chinese e-commerce giant released the whitepaper of its blockchain as a service platform