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Google is after Vitalik Buterin

The web giant tries to recruit Ethereum’s co-founder for its blockchain projects. Daniel Larimer wants the genius too, as stated in the Eos Telegram group.

Google is after Vitalik Buterin. Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano.

On May 20, Vitalik Buterin asked his Twitter followers a question about his future: “Should I drop Ethereum and work for Google?”.

First, he posted a screenshot of an email sent to him by Google, then he also created a survey, but within a few hours he deleted everything.

The image posted is that of the email where Google tries to recruit Buterin for a job.

Apparently, it was sent by Elizabeth Garcia who, as we read on LinkedIn, is Engineering Recruiter Onsite at Google.

vitalik buterin google

The recruiter asked Buterin if Google is of interest to him “now or in the near future.”

The developer did not obscure the name, the photo of the sender or his email address. This may be the cause of the tweet’s subsequent deletion.

vitalik buterin google

The Buterin survey has meanwhile enjoyed a large turnout with 2,294 votes received in two hours. The majority of participants, 59%, voted “No” to the young developer’s question, while 41% of participants voted “Yes” to Google’s job.

Google works with blockchain technology

Google is currently developing two projects based on blockchain technology: a “tamper-proof” auditing system and a cloud operating platform as revealed a few months ago.

Some Google employees have left the company to open xGoogler Blockchain Alliance whose purpose would be to help former Google employees to follow their ambitions related to blockchain technology.

The labor market connected with this technology is suffering from a lack of talent and in this scenario, it is likely that Google wanted to grab one of the geniuses in the field.

But it is not only Google that is looking for the co-founder of Ethereum because Daniel Larimer was also explicit in the Eos Telegram group, stating that he would like Buterin to join him and that he has “a job for V [Vitalik] at b1 [Block.One] if he wants it.”

vitalik buterin google

Buterin has also contributed to the changes made to the latest version of the eosio software by leaving comments on Eos’ GitHub.

Aneta Karbowiak
Aneta Karbowiak
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