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Tezos password, no recovery possible

The main project of 2017 starts again, but to re-enter it is necessary to have a complete documentation, because Tezos password is impossible to recover.

Tezos, la beffa delle password: leggi l’articolo in lingua italiana

Tezos was one of the most anticipated ICOs in 2017, with $232 million raised last July.

Then the project came to a standstill due to some problems. Now, after legal action, disputes and pacification, the project seems to be ready to take off, to the satisfaction of many investors, including Timothy Draper, who had supported it from the start.

Too bad that there may be a new problem for those who finally hoped to recover their investment: when the beta platform of Tezos was announced, the developers said that investors would be required to verify their share of the initial project through the inclusion of the public key of their wallet, but not only.

To access Tezos’ mainnet, and TEZ tokens, you also needed to have:

  • Tezos Password provided at the time of subscription;
  • An active email provided initially, if the email was wrong or false, no tokens.

The main problem seems to be Tezos password check: not everyone thought that this would be necessary for the mainnet, few remember it, and there is no password recovery procedure.

The only way seems to be using “brute force”, which is not precisely a simple or practical system for violating a password.

In short, while we are talking about a forthcoming listing of the token on Binance and everything seems ready for the recovery of the project, some investors are desperate because they have lost or forgotten one of the essential elements for the recovery of the token.