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Venezuelans can now buy Petro online

It is official: Petro can be purchased on petro.gob.ve with bitcoin and litecoin.

Or, better, this is what the vice-presidency of the Venezuelan government’s economy announced on Twitter.

In fact, at this time, the link from which you should be able to proceed with the purchase is “in maintenance” and there is still no trace of any blocks on the explorer, where the number of blocks indicated has been fixed for weeks (304).

Even on the wallet webpage, there is still no working link to download and install it.

Moreover, since it is not yet exchangeable on any exchange, whoever buys it today has no guarantee of being able to resell it.

In other words, even if someone were able to proceed with the purchase, they could not send the tokens to a wallet of property because these are not yet available.

And even if they were able to withdraw them in the future, there would be no exchange on which to eventually resell them.

Since the price of the Petro should be fixed, it would be better to wait and make sure that there is a wallet of property available in which to store the tokens and a trading platform on which it can be possible to resell them.

Another unknown thing is the blockchain on which the token should be exchangeable. In theory, the latest information about it would suggest a proprietary blockchain, perhaps centralized, but not even being able to check the hypothetical 304 blocks on the explorer means that there is still no certainty about it.

In short, the only thing that seems certain at this point is that they are asking for money from those interested in buying it.

Note: they do not ask for Venezuelan bolivars, nor American dollars, nor ethereum, but for now only bitcoin and litecoin.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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