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Salesforce, how to fight spam with Blockchain

Salesforce has decided to fight spam using blockchain technology.

The American cloud computing group, specialized in providing solutions for the management of corporate communication, has patented a blockchain based system with the goal of blocking spam.

The system for which the patent has been revealed uses multiple servers, at least two.

Whenever a new email is received, the primary server records some essential elements present in the email on a blockchain.

Subsequently, the secondary servers that receive the email compare the characteristics of the received messages with those saved on the blockchain and thus determine the nature of the email.

In this way it should be possible to precisely categorize emails, directing them to the predetermined folders, without the possibility of deceiving the database on the blockchain.

The data is also recorded in a chronological way and all the links contained within the received emails are categorized. The product will be a large database of classified emails that will allow distinguishing between relevant and spam emails in a very short time.

The patent is deliberately generic, so as to cover all possible applications of the system, but it seems likely that this type of service will be reserved for customers of Salesforce who will use its paid services.

The classification can also be used with AI applied to the management of customer relations, for an unprecedented level of customer service.

On the subject of blocking spam, Microsoft is also developing an application for its Azure cloud to block telephone spam.

Fabio Lugano
Fabio Lugano
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