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DACC launches the HashAI project: vocal assistants on the Tron blockchain

Today, the Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) announced its new partnership with Tron for the launch of the new HashAI project connected to Slack, Google Assistant and Google Home, establishing its entry into the Tron dApp ecosystem.

The official announcement of the launch of HashAI appeared on the official DACC blog, explaining that it is a tool that can be used for crypto transfers and smart contracts through voice queries.

Tron does not want to stop its continuous expansion of this 2019, allowing these dApps to use its protocol.

In fact, it seems that the new HashAI project offers the innovative opportunity to use the TRX crypto combined with artificial intelligence, thanks to the connection with Slack, Google Assistant and Google Home and the use of voice queries.

In the announcement, DACC describes an example of the HashAI implementation as follows:

With HashAI, users can purchase coffee through Google Home and pay with TRX. Moreover, HashAI also supports TRX transfer through voice queries with Bot on Slack“.

A real expansion for Tron and the adoption of TRX.

DACC CEO David Zhu is an artificial intelligence expert with 10 years of product development experience and describes this new partnership as ideal for introducing AI into the online entertainment and social networking industry on Tron’s leading blockchain.

In addition, Justin Sun, CEO of Tron says:

I personally pay great attention to community DApps and tool DApps. In addition to the decentralized game industry that we have been cultivating, the community and tool category is also actively explored by TRON. Now that TRON and DACC have reached a consensus, I believe that launch of the AI project “HashAI” is indeed an action that conforms to the times. Also, TRON has always been aware of DACC’s efforts and contributions in the application development and the global community development. I hope that both parties can jointly develop “HashAI” in order to better serve the community members.

The application is already available in the Tron dApp House section.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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