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Ethereum: new bug for Constantinople. Another postponement?

After the January 15th postponement of the Ethereum Constantinople fork, a new postponement is being considered due to a bug.

The new date would have been scheduled for February 27th, but due to a bug, the fork could be postponed again. This new bug that has been found recently could have consequences on a limited number of smart contracts that use self-destruction.

Developer Jason Carver said that a new feature called Create2 would allow to replace the self-destructive smart contracts by changing their rules.

Another developer, Martin Holst Swende, also confirmed the Constantinople bug.

Carver then stated that, according to him, this will lead to a new postponement of the Ethereum fork.

The hypothesis is to make a change to Create2 so as not to allow this bug to be exploited. Another developer, Alexey Akhunov, has stated that he will work on a fix, but until it is found and applied, Constantinople is not ready to be implemented.

It is not yet clear how they decided to proceed. On Augur, people are already betting on a new postponement, after February 2019.

Now we have to wait for a prediction on how long it will take to fix the bug, and the subsequent update of the Constantinople roadmap, to see if the Ethereum fork can actually be executed on February 27th or not.

However, it seems that there’s too little time to find a working solution in order to avoid postponing the fork again.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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