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#SpeedNeedsDirection: Eidoo to sponsor the Mini Challenge

Yesterday, Eidoo has announced its involvement among the companies sponsoring the MINI Challenge 2019 race.

The car is a John Cooper Works Mini Challenge Pro and it will be driven by Federico Alberti.

This sport event will include 12 races on 6 different tracks in Italy, with the first race taking place on April 7th at the Autodromo Nazionale in Monza, Italy.

Crypto reaching the mainstream

This is the first event of its kind to have a coin as a sponsor. The goal of the Swiss company and this Eidoo sponsorship is to help crypto reach mainstream.

As a matter of fact, Mini Challenge events have millions of viewers worldwide, mainly in the US, Europe and Australia.

Natale Ferrara, founder of Eidoo, explained in an official press release:

“MINI has a growing worldwide fan base that consists mainly of young people who usually are the same ones that are interested in new technologies such as the blockchain and cryptocurrencies”.

Having the MINI car and their website feature the Eidoo logo allows EDO to achieve more global awareness which can then drive engagement among the people who may have never heard of Eidoo or blockchain before.

Eidoo also decided to launch a new hashtag called #SpeedNeedsDirection because

“these technologies – but most of all the companies – have to follow a correct direction” in order “to achieve significant results: without a direction speed is not only pointless but also dangerous”.

Watch a preview of the car here:

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