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The Cryptonomist blog service “Your Crypto Voice” is now active

The Cryptonomist blog service, called “Your Crypto Voice”, is now active. This is a section in which companies or individuals can write their own content benefiting from having their articles shared on the social channels of Cryptonomist, avoiding the risk of incurring in the so-called crypto ban.

For some time now, in fact, it has been almost impossible to promote ICOs or airdrops on social networks and blog platforms, while on Cryptonomist this risk of censorship does not exist, since it is a newspaper that deals with precisely these topics.

Having a blog on Cryptonomist also means being exposed to a target already in line with the subject matter: in fact, our magazine only deals with fintech, blockchain, ICO and cryptocurrencies, hence our readers are people who are 100% interested in these topics and thus also potential investors.

Other benefits include:

  • Having articles translated into Italian and English;
  • Receive support in the creation of your own blog;
  • Have 24/7 access to your blog without having to rely on third parties for publication.

Currently, our first customers and partners are Eidoo, whose blog is already active, and Sgame Pro, which will soon be online.

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchiohttps://cryptonomist.ch
Esperta di digital marketing, Amelia inizia a lavorare nel settore fintech nel 2014 dopo aver scritto la sua tesi di laurea sulla tecnologia Bitcoin. Precedentemente è stata un'autrice di diversi magazine crypto all'estero e CMO di Eidoo. Oggi è co-founder e direttrice di Cryptonomist, oltre che Italian PR manager per l'exchange Bitget. E' stata nominata una delle 30 under 30 secondo Forbes. Oggi Amelia è anche insegnante di marketing presso Digital Coach e ha pubblicato un libro "NFT: la guida completa'" edito Mondadori. Inoltre è co-founder del progetto NFT chiamati The NFT Magazine, oltre ad aiutare artisti e aziende ad entrare nel settore. Come advisor, Amelia è anche coinvolta in progetti sul metaverso come The Nemesis e OVER.