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Everipedia migrates to the EOS mainnet

As announced in a recent post by Everipedia, the first decentralised encyclopedia on the blockchain, the entire platform will migrate to the EOS mainnet tomorrow.

“On May 21, 2019, 0:00 UTC, we will be migrating the new platform to the EOS mainnet. When this happens, the current site on Everipedia.org will be read-only for the remainder of the private beta testing period. This is being done to give our internal team enough time to detect and fix some of the bugs and provide you with the best user experience”.

The new relaunch of the platform, Everipedia 2.0, will simplify and update several aspects, allowing users to read or write on the online encyclopedia quickly and efficiently.

These are the new features of Everipedia:

  • A live chat and activity feed will be added to each article to interact quickly and in real time with the reader or author; users will also be able to add more information to their profiles and there will be a history that will track all contributions on the platform.
  • In the same update, Everipedia promised the implementation of a new tool to view the history of an article and see all the updates made to it, having the opportunity to see how the article related to a topic has evolved.
  • There will be an advanced citation system where, in addition to the author, it will also be possible to cite sources such as books by entering the relevant ISBN, as well as newspaper articles or social media posts.
  • A media section will be introduced for each platform, where all the most important and relevant social media posts, images and videos will be aggregated in one place, such as tweets, videos, gifs, Instagram posts, YouTube videos and Facebook pages;
  • A template will be created for the creation of new pages so as to have a structured page with the bio of a person.

In addition, Everipedia is working on the mobile version of the platform so that it is responsive.

Finally, we would like to recall that also Cryptonomist is on Everipedia


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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