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Bitfinex LEO token will be listed on ZB.com

The official Bitfinex Twitter account announced today that the LEO token will be listed on the Chinese exchange ZB.com.

LEO will be listed on the Chinese exchange ZB.com

Although this exchange is unknown to many, in reality it is a rather popular platform in the Asian market, given the daily trading volumes, which are close to 700 million dollars.

Clearly, it is not a cryptocurrency exchange that can be compared to the most popular ones, including Binance, Coinbase, Houbi and of course Bitfinex.

ZB was founded in 2012 with the aim of becoming the leading platform for trading digital goods and assets. Today, ZB operates an extensive product network that includes several exchanges, online wallets, media and research centres.

ZB.com is a branch of the ZB Group that is used for cryptocurrency trading in the Asian market, currently ranking 25th on CoinMarketCap for daily trading volumes.

The listing will take place next week

Next Tuesday, May 28th, the ZB token will be listed against the stablecoin USDT on the Bitfinex exchange. Verified users will then be able to deposit, place orders and withdraw ZB tokens.

On Monday, May 27th, ZB.com will add the LEO/USDT trading pair on its platform. Trading will be activated at 14:00 2019/05/27 (UTC+8), however, registered users can already deposit LEO tokens now.

The LEO token has often been the focus of media attention in recent days, as just last Monday, May 20th, it was listed on the Bitfinex exchange. In addition, yesterday also Eidoo announced that LEO can be traded on the hybrid exchange integrated within the mobile application.

With the listing on ZB.com, therefore, the LEO token will also be available in the Chinese market.

LEO is a utility token issued by the Bitfinex exchange aimed at raising $1 billion. According to the data provided, the company was able to reach this target in just nine days, without even carrying out the public sale.

The LEO token will allow users to enjoy a number of benefits, including attractive discounts on trading fees. In addition, Bitfinex will commit to buying back part of the LEO tokens in the next 18 months, using the funds currently frozen at the company Crypto Capital Corp.

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