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Wirex: crypto debit card with 0.5% Cryptoback

Wirex is a provider that takes care of storing several cryptocurrencies through wallets, which are directly connected to a free virtual or physical debit card (Wirex Card) that also offers a 0.5% Cryptoback on the purchases made.

With over 1 billion transactions in 2018, Wirex launched its debit card several months ago which immediately became popular around the world.

There are many cards when it comes to cryptocurrencies, however, the Wirex Card certainly stands out, offering also a free virtual card, in addition to the physical one.

Wirex: Better than a bank

The Wirex account offers state-of-the-art features for managing cryptocurrencies, traditional accounts and debit cards accepted worldwide.

  • Cryptocurrency wallet as well as a current account on the platform;
  • Free money transfer worldwide, instantly, 24 hours a day;
  • Maximum infrastructure security thanks to PCI DSS certification;
  • International deposits in dozens of member countries;
  • Fast transfers from local banks for deposits and withdrawals;
  • Desktop and mobile access 24/7 just like in mobile banking;
  • Assistance and support 24/7 with a 4-star Trustpilot rating;
  • Deposit of more than 50 altcoins.

Daily payments with Wirex Card

Visa debit cards have a zero-charge fee thanks to the Wirex account, while the virtual cards are available in many European countries.

Cards are contactless (Tap-and-Pay) and are already available on the official website.

The Wirex Card

The steps to be performed are 4:

  1. Open a free Wirex account;
  2. Order your card;
  3. Deposit euros, dollars, pounds sterling, bitcoin (BTC) or litecoin (LTC);
  4. Spend what you want, when you want;

Wirex crypto credit card fees

Here is a short table summarising all the fees that are applied to the Wirex crypto debit card.

Limits on balance and withdrawals

There are certain limitations which however are not really worrying. As you can see from the table, the maximum balance that can be kept on the account is 8000 euros.

But it is possible to keep an infinite amount of bitcoin (BTC) and litecoin (LTC), so it is only necessary to convert less than €8000.

Wirex Account

The platform offers a dedicated account with many features similar to online banking, available in many countries.

Wirex: how to receive funds

Transferring money from a bank account or receiving deposits from third parties (customers, employers, friends, etc.) is very simple and deposits are available via UK SWIFT bank transfer or international transfer via IBAN.

More accounts with different financing options will be added shortly.


Connected to a real debit card

The Wirex account is linked to a free virtual card so you can make online payments easily. It’s not a prepaid card, but it’s a real debit card. The rates are low and the limits very high. The Wirex Contactless Card is already available.

The best cashback is the Cryptoback

Wirex Card allows earning 0.5% on all purchases in any store, directly in cryptocurrencies which get credited to your account. Subsequently, these can be converted into euros, dollars or pounds.

User-friendly interface

The interface is really easy to use. The balance is on the left along with the Cryptoback entry showing the percentage of Satoshi received by payments. At the top left there is the possibility to instantly convert bitcoin (BTC) or litecoin (LTC) into euros, dollars or pounds.

Wirex allows users to obtain three different physical cards, one for euros, one for dollars and one for pounds. The card and shipping are free of charge.

The app for iOS or Android can be downloaded to monitor everything directly from a smartphone, without having to access the browser panel.

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