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CIVIS on the Tron blockchain thanks to Coinnect

CIVIS Group has announced a partnership with Coinnect to use Tron’s blockchain to certify critical business processes and activities and to increase transparency.

CIVIS is responsible for security services and physical protection, while Coinnect is the blockchain technology company that will assist CIVIS in the design and implementation of the project.

Tron’s blockchain technology has been chosen to permanently record events and documents without the need for a central authority or the risk of information being changed.

Thanks to the generation of special cryptographic hashes, which are then recorded in blockchain transactions, CIVIS will certify documents concerning services such as audits or events related to security, so customers will be able to independently verify the date and time and the integrity of the same documents and any operations performed by CIVIS.

Using cryptographic hashes, no document will be shared publicly, in full respect of GDPR.

Emanuele Gagliano, CTO of Coinnect, has revealed that a new generation blockchain, that of Tron, has been chosen for the CIVIS project, so as to be able to manage thousands of transactions.

Marco Bisi, CEO of CSA Srl, the IT company of the CIVIS Group, said:

CIVIS has built his success on “trusted” business relations with customers, taking really seriously the responsibility of being a Security provider. Today Blockchain technologies allow us to introduce a next level of transparency and trust: we are able to certify with a neutral, decentralized and unalterable ledger critical performed operations. Customers will be able to

verify our job with the guaranty that no one, included CIVIS, will be able to manipulate and modify certified data“.

Massimiliano Rijllo, CEO of Coinnect, added:

We are really glad to cooperate with CIVIS for a real Blockchain application that perfectly fit one of his key characteristics and use cases: distributed and unalterable ledger. With this important step, CIVIS confirm the excellence of his business processes, the attention for innovation and technologies“.

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Marco Cavicchioli
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