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NFT Bunny starts minting on Polygon


Today, NFT Bunny kicks off the minting of NFTs on its platform, using Polygon

The team announced this on its Medium channel. 

NFT minting on NFT Bunny

The platform is not yet officially live, but the testing phase is in its final stages. While waiting for it to go online, artists who are experimenting with the platform can start minting their NFTs. 

But that’s not all, because NFT Bunny also allows those who are not participating in testing to try out NFT Bunny minting on Polygon. Simply get in touch with NFT Bunny via social channels or by emailing [email protected]

As explained in the official communication, minting on NFT Bunny seems really simple and can be summed up in a few clicks. Just: 

  • go to the Create section of the platform, 
  • upload the image or gif to be transformed into NFT,
  • set a title and enter a description,
  • set the price or sell through an auction. 

It is also possible to create NFTs by hiding the content using the add overlay function. Users can choose to hide all or part of their work to add mystery and hype. 

All of this is transcribed onto the blockchain, but the user doesn’t notice anything because the interface promises to be really simple to use. 

After all, NFT Bunny wants to present itself as a platform that can extend the market and the world of NFTs to those who are not familiar with blockchain technology. 

The launch is close

At the moment, NFT Bunny is not yet live, although the team says the launch announcement is imminent. But many new features await the platform. 

Paolo Pacitto, business developer of NFT Bunny, explains:

“In a few days, we will officially announce the launch date. We are finishing the last tests and defining some legal aspects. Then we will also implement the social function that will make NFT Bunny much more than a marketplace, it will be a real social network, where artists and communities can meet and interact”.

In the meantime, the private sale of the BUN token has ended and has been a success, as Paolo Pacitto also confirms: 

“We have had excellent feedback from the private sale, and we will shortly be communicating how to make the token claim, including for those who participated in the giveaway we organized. At the moment we are also finalizing the procedures for the IDO and for the listing of BUN on some of the most important exchanges. We look forward to unveiling more, and we’re sure the community will be thrilled”.

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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