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Raboo Surges Ahead With 60% Spike: Is It the Next Crypto Sensation as Pepe and Brett Gain Momentum?


With meme coins as relevant as ever, Pepe and Brett stand out. Both seem to have plenty of room to run, which has helped inspire thousands of investors to join the Raboo presale.

Already rising from $0.003 to $0.0048, Raboo’s momentum looks unstoppable. It’s time to find out why Raboo coin could be the next crypto to explode and join the ranks of Pepe and Brett.

Pepe: New highs incoming?

Pepe is a relatively recent star in the meme coin universe that’s captured attention with its rapid rise. Within just 20 days of its launch, PEPE’s market cap skyrocketed past $1 billion, marking a phenomenal 7,000% surge in the PEPE coin price. 

Now, it stands tall with a market cap exceeding $6.1 billion after a relentless climb this year. PEPE’s deflationary burning mechanism has helped drive its price up more than 337% from mid-April to a high in late May. Though it has since retraced slightly, the PEPE coin price looks poised for new highs, keeping investors on the edge of their seats.

Brett: One of 2024’s fastest risers

Brett, inspired by Matt Furie’s “Boy’s Club” character, is a meme coin on the Base blockchain that’s been one of the fastest rising this year. It has climbed to become the 7th most valuable meme coin, with BRETT now holding a market cap of more than $1.4 billion. 

From April 27 to June 2, Brett skyrocketed over 470% to a high of $0.128. Despite a sharp drop to $0.09 within 24 hours, Brett has rebounded to around $0.143. As it stands, it looks set to climb higher. This resilience is undoubtedly fueling excitement and momentum in the Raboo presale.

Raboo: $1.6 million raised and counting

With meme coins Pepe and Brett gaining momentum, investors are hunting for under-the-radar opportunities. Many have turned their eyes to Raboo after its impressive 60% presale surge. Seen as the next crypto to explode, Raboo has all the ingredients for a massive pump this year: thousands of investors, over $1.6 million raised, and a jump from $0.003 to $0.0048 already.

Raboo is on track to build one of the largest meme coin communities around. It’s an entire SocialFi ecosystem, where users can earn while interacting with like-minded meme coin lovers.  

Raboo is neatly positioned in the booming AI meme sector—a niche arena now worth over $1.2 billion and set to grow rapidly as AI capabilities grow. Raboo mixes memes and AI, offering regular fun-filled contests where $RABT token holders use its generative AI tool to create the funniest memes possible for a shot at huge prizes.

Raboo’s Post-to-Earn program provides a unique way for social media-savvy users to monetize their posts, while upcoming NFTs and generous staking rewards only sweeten the deal for early investors.

The buzz around Raboo is growing fast, with experts speculating that the total 233% presale growth is just a precursor to a potential 100x spike later this year. Stay tuned: Raboo might be about to follow in Brett and Pepe’s footsteps.


While Pepe and Brett look unstoppable, their multi-billion market caps mean their profit potential is limited. Raboo, however, has everything to gain. Not only is it within the fast-growing meme AI niche, but its presale momentum signals a bright future ahead.

Early backers still have time to benefit from the projected 173% rise remaining in the presale, but time is of the essence. Each stage is selling out faster than the last—secure a position before it’s too late.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.



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