Eidoo ICO Engine: address management and referral program

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We improved the usability of our Eidoo ICO Engine by creating a referral program and the possibility for you to manage your addresses.

From now on, in fact, you will be able to set your primary address, and also add more.

How to manage your addresses

To enter a new wallet or set it as the primary address, you just need to click on “Edit Profile” in the top right menu, and then click on “My Addresses” as displayed in the image below.

There you will be able to set your favorite address to join ICOs.

Please note that the main address will be the one used for airdrops and will also be used to receive tokens bought with fiat currencies.

You cannot remove an address, but you can decide to use it or not, by setting it as primary.

This means you can now manage your addresses without sending us an email.

Referral Program

As you might read in our previous statement related to the Hive Power ICO, we started a referral program.

It is a new service we are introducing for our ICO Engine, but right now it is only available for the Hive Power token sale.

Read more about the Hive Power ICO here.