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eidoo defi exchange

The Eidoo DeFi Exchange: your gateway to DeFi

Access the world of DeFi, straight from your Eidoo wallet: we’ll soon introduce a DeFi exchange! What’s the big deal with DeFi?  Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an emerging yet incredibly

eidoo compound


Il mese scorso abbiamo integrato Compound, dandoti ancora più strumenti DeFi con il quale divertirti e senza mai dover lasciare la sicurezza e convenienza della piattaforma Eidoo. Come uno dei

eidoo compound

Don’t just HODL… Lend and earn with Compound and Eidoo!

Last month we integrated with Compound, giving you even more DeFi tools to play with — without ever having to leave the safety and convenience of the Eidoo platform. As

$DAI and COMPOUND now available in the Eidoo Wallet!

Here at Eidoo, we’ve been working to bring you the best possible DeFi experience, while still ensuring you have full control and access to your cryptocurrency. We’re excited to announce

Late Summer Meetup. Join us!

Come along to this jam-packed, highly-curated event co-hosted by Eidoo and Binance. Whether you’re a blockchain buff or just curious about crypto, this is a free and open invitation for

Eidoo Summer update, more than just a burn!

Where do we stand as an industry? Ten years into the game, blockchain has grown from a niche experiment for nerds to one of the main technologies having the potential

Eidoo lists Moneyfold, a new stablecoin pegged to EUR

We are thrilled to announce Eidoo is listing a new stablecoin called Moneyfold (EURM) pegged to EUR. In 2018, Moneyfold graduated from a regulatory sandbox promoted by the Financial Conduct

Bitfinex’s LEO tokens land on Eidoo

Following its one billion Dollar crowdfunding operation, the popular cryptocurrencies exchange Bitfinex has now released LEO tokens. A utility token at the heart of the iFinex ecosystem that is going

eidoo hybrid exchange

Get Ekon Gold now on the Eidoo Hybrid Exchange

The stablecoin Ekon Gold (EKG) is now live on the Eidoo Hybrid exchange. You can buy EKG with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). Moreover, through the Eidoo