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Eidoo 25% airdrop: the distribution will start tomorrow, April 24th

This article will clarify everything related to the Eidoo 25% airdrop that we previously announced back in October, as you can read here.

To be eligible for this EDO tokens 25% airdrop, you need to have hold EDO tokens for a period of 6 months – since the Eidoo ICO (specifically from the end of our ICO to April 17th, date of the snapshot).

Those users who have participated to the Eidoo token sale will receive an Eidoo airdrop of 25% based on the tokens bought during the token sale itself (from October 4th to October 16th) and only for those which has not been moved for the 6 months.

The distribution of these EDO tokens will start tomorrow, April 24th, starting from users who are registered with Tier 2 on our ICOengine, although there is NO need to be registered on it to receive the airdrop.

The distribution will end in a few weeks. This is not to affect the EDO price on exchanges.

The 10% Eidoo bonus

Also, please note that the 10% Eidoo bonus is completely different from the 25% airdrop mentioned in this article; they are separate things.

In fact, this 10% follows different rules that can be found here.

The 10% bonus is only for those Eidoo ICO participants who are registered with Tier 2 on the ICO Engine website.

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