Eidoo Bitcoin Wallet now available on iOS

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We are very happy to announce that today, August 6th, we have launched the Eidoo Bitcoin Wallet on the latest version of the iOS app.

The interface and the user experience are the same as the Ethereum wallet you may already be familiar with.

If you cannot see this new bitcoin wallet feature, you may need to update the app to version 0.12.10 or Download the app for your mobile: iOS or Android or for desktop. 

The Eidoo bitcoin wallet is available now for iOS, Android and desktop (Linux, Mac and Windows). So right now you can use the Eidoo app for Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

Also, remember that we released the beta version of our hybrid exchange (only for Android at the moment).

Our Director Thomas Bertani said: “We are glad to announce that the Bitcoin integration is now integrated with iOS too, as this marks the completion of our Bitcoin wallet integration release. While our team keeps working hard on new features that will be released shortly, we are eager to hear some feedback on that release from our iOs community”.

We want to hear your thoughts as your opinion is very important for us, so leave us your feedback via email or join our chat on Telegram.