Eidoo launches Ekon, a gold stable coin

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A few days ago, we launched Ekon, a project for a gold tied stable coin. The answer has been great and many magazines are talking about this, including Coindesk, CryptoDaily, and Cryptonomist.

Here a few lines to better explain to you the project:

  • Ekon is a coin representing the gold you will purchase: each Ekon token corresponds to 1 gram of gold 999. 1 Ekon token represents the gold that you buy by purchasing that token (more on this follows).
  • Ekon is an ERC20 token, so of course, you will be able to collect them within the Eidoo wallet.
  • Currently, you can pre-order your Ekon tokens on www.ekon.gold. You can buy them with EDO tokens and the 50% of the commissions earn will be destroyed similarly to the other services that Eidoo offers. The price of the token corresponds to the gold market price and a fixed amount to cover for the handling costs (custody, audit, money laundering controls, insurance and other).
  • When the pre-order phase will be closed, you will be able to buy Ekon tokens on the Eidoo app after identification if you have not done it yet. Please be informed that by purchasing Ekon tokens on the exchange you are still acquiring them directly from Eidoo. Eidoo will not buy them on the market but you will be able to either trade them with other users or redeem them – hence receiving the amount of gold the token represents.
  • An audit will be executed every 90 days by an independent auditing firm. They will carry out an audit to verify the number of gold bars in our vault. After each check, we will publish a statement on it.
  • Storage fees are already included in the token price and are paid only one time on a purchase.
  • You will be able to “withdraw” your gold anytime, however, you will not be entitled to receive from the issuer the monetary value corresponding to the value of gold: this is due to regulatory issues, allowing the Ekon token holder to claim back anything but gold itself would qualify the token as a security.

Pre-orders are already available and we are receiving tons of request!

Buy your Ekon tokens now on www.ekon.gold


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