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Eidoo Windows app is now available for free

The Eidoo Windows app is now available for free on our official website.

This means you can now use your Eidoo wallet on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux too.

The Eidoo app is available to store Ethereum (ETH), ERC20 and ERC223 tokens and to join third-party token sales.

We’ve already tested this app and we have not found bugs. But, as it is a new app, an “error” message might appear. In this case, you just need to ignore it and continue with the execution of the app.

Also, OSX users that downloaded the old version need to update the app, by overwriting it.

How to use the same Eidoo wallet

You can restore your wallet through your 12 words of backup so that you can open the same Eidoo wallet both on your mobile device and on your laptop too.

Please read this guide on how to restore your wallet here.

How to open a new Eidoo wallet

Thanks to the new desktop app, you are now able to open two different wallets, one on your mobile device and one your laptop that are completely unlinked.

You just need to create another wallet with a password and complete the backup process to have 12 new words.

ICO Engine and Preferences

We want you to remember that the Eidoo desktop app has the same tools and services you can find on your mobile: ICO Engine banner, and the same preferences for airdrops, privacy settings, and backup.

Download the Eidoo desktop app here.

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