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KYC improvements for the Eidoo ICO Engine

Because of the feedback we received during these days, we decided to ease the KYC process needed to verify you on

In fact, from now on we will also accept Tier 1 for all ICOs, so it isn’t required to complete Tier 2 to join token sales.

The decision of the user to complete a Tier is related to the amount he/she wants to use during the year: 3000 CHF for Tier 1, 500’000 CHF for Tier 2, unlimited for Tier 3.

The reason why we started to ask you a KYC is the ICO regulation: companies who organize their ICOs won’t be able to move the funds they rise if they cannot demonstrate banks who gave them that money.

Please read this guide to register yourself on the website and to fill Tier 1 correctly (English version — Italian version).

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