Medicalchain airdrop for Eidoo users to vote MTN on Binance

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Medicalchain will provide Eidoo users an airdrop of 0.15 Binance (BNB) coins to all MedToken (MTN) and Eidoo (EDO) holders.

You only need 0.1 to vote and the rest is to cover the gas cost.

To receive the airdrop, you only need to have 10 MTN or 1 EDO stored in your Eidoo wallet.

The amount of BNB tokens doesn’t depend on the amount of MTN or EDO tokens you have, but it is fixed at 0.15 BNB per EDO/MTN holder.

Instructions for Voting Medicalchain on Binance

Step 1: Have an Eidoo wallet which has at least 10 MTN or 1 EDO in it.

If you only have MTN on an exchange you will need to withdraw at least 10 MTN into your Eidoo wallet.

Step 2: Wait for an airdrop of 0.15 BNB (Binance Coin) into your Eidoo wallet.

Note: This airdrop will happen periodically. This means that if the Medicalchain team finds out that there are new users with EDO or MTN tokens stored in his/her Eidoo wallet after 12 hours from the first airdrop, they will give the airdrop to them too.

Step 3: Once you have received your 0.15 BNB, open your Binance accountand go to the deposit page and select to deposit Binance Coin.

Step 5: Transfer 0.1 BNB to the deposit address on Binance using a gas limit of at least 55000 (you can set it through the advanced option in the transfer page).

Step 6: Wait for your deposit to arrive, you should get an email like the one below once it has arrived:

Step 7: Go to while you are logged in to your Binance account and vote for Medicalchain:

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