LKSCOIN and its Roadmap: the stages of the project


    Like every successful project, also LKSCOIN has its own roadmap: a strategic overview that highlights all the main elements, step by step, of the digital content cryptocurrency.

    To achieve the vision of making LKSCOIN the crypto for social networks, changing the current trend and giving more power and benefits to online content producers, the project needs to go beyond all the stages of its roadmap.

    LKSCOIN’s present: the IEO phase of the LKSCOIN crypto

    One way to describe the LKSCOIN roadmap is to start from this exact moment, its present. The project, today, is undergoing its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the LKSCOIN (LKS) token on the Eidoo Crowd platform.

    Thanks to this token offering through Eidoo’s hybrid crypto-exchange, the LKS Foundation wants to raise the funds so that it can:

    The aim is to offer an ERC20 version of the LKSCOIN token to the crypto market at a price fixed at 0.01 euro, available for purchase with special bonuses.


    In particular, for the users of the Cam.TV social network, which has already integrated the crypto in its original version, i.e. based on its LKS Chain, a clone of the Dash blockchain, the extra-bonuses of the affiliate program are already active.

    A look at the past: the goals achieved by LKSCOIN

    Compared to projects that introduce an IEO in its initial phase, LKSCOIN presents itself to the market as an already concrete and used crypto thanks to the already achieved objectives of its roadmap.

    Indeed, the main elements of this crypto dedicated to digital content, which have already been achieved and overcome, start from the study and analysis of the Dash blockchain, famous for its features such as speed, security and transparency of transactions as well as the possibility to create Masternodes.

    The first steps of the LKSCOIN project have been completely technological and include the following points respectively:

    • Blockchain DashCoin Analysis
    • Fork Dashcoin with new “Private Send” features disabled
    • Creation of the first Masternodes
    • Pre-mining 49% of Tokens

    These first 4 steps led to the creation of the LKS Chain (on which the x11 LKSCOIN token travels) and its LKSCOIN Core, the crypto’s main wallet. Not only, thanks to the wallet, it is also possible to activate the relative Masternode.

    Users can contribute to the security of the LKSCOIN blockchain thanks to the Masternodes, which are responsible for certifying transactions and blocks and validating instant transactions.

    This process also includes the possibility to mine LKSCOIN, and thus participate in the decentralized network by obtaining the reward dedicated to miners.

    As technology advances, LKSCOIN’s already achieved goals mark its introduction into the world of social networks and fiat currencies achieving important milestones.

    • LKS Foundation signs an agreement with Cam.TV for the use of LKSCOIN;
    • LKS Foundation signs a contract with Hashratelabs for the LKSCOIN/FIAT exchange;
    • The number of daily transactions exceeds 15K;
    • Goal of the 400 Masternodes.

    To date, LKSCOIN is the official crypto of Cam.TV, exchangeable with fiat currencies (like euros) thanks to practical tools such as the CAM CARD. Not only that, to adapt to the different structural needs, also the Ethereum version of the crypto has been introduced.

    LKSCOIN and the near future: the next stages

    The ERC20 token version of LKSCOIN, which is already available with the IEO in progress, is, thus, essential for its integration with the main platforms and tools of decentralized finance (DeFi).

    This was possible thanks to the activation of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain that gave birth to the token and, through the PEG Smart Contract that maintains the same value of 0.01 euro with the original blockchain, the LKS Chain.

    In fact, the current possibility to access and use LKSCOIN both on Cam.TV and on the Eidoo Crowd portal, as well as being exchanged with other cryptocurrencies, is the result of another goal of the roadmap reached: the ERC-20/LKSCOIN Atomic Swap.

    In the near future, the steps envisaged in the roadmap are the following:

    • LKSCOIN can be deposited on other Social platforms
    • Goal of the 2000 Masternodes
    • Introduction of non-fungible tokens for copyright protection