During this particular period when the offline world seems to have stopped because of the Coronavirus, the online world seems to have quadrupled its speed, resulting in the inevitable and rapid evolution of many companies, making online marketing even more important.

    Digital marketing involves the process of promoting and selling products and services using online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing.

    If you are new to digital marketing, it is essential that you start to understand it now and rapidly. To some extent, digital marketing is no different than traditional marketing.

    Both involve companies trying to develop relationships with potential customers and customers. Think about your last important purchase, for example.

    Maybe you bought a house or looked for someone to fix the roof or changed paper suppliers in your office.

    Regardless of what it was, you probably started by searching the Internet to find out more and find the best options tailored to your needs.

    Your final purchase decision was then based on the reviews you read, the friends and family you consulted with and the solutions, features and prices you were looking for.

    Today, most purchase decisions start (and end) online.

    That being so, an online presence is absolutely necessary, no matter what you’re selling.

    Marketing and Coronavirus: the right time to use an online strategy

    A strong digital presence will help you in several ways:

    • It will make it easier to create awareness and engagement both before and after the sale.
    • You can convert new buyers into loyal customers who buy more (and more often).
    • You’ll enjoy all the benefits associated with the word of mouth and social media sharing.

    But beware: the digital marketing scene is constantly evolving, so finding a way that seems to work is not enough. Changes occur on a daily basis.

    Gurus, podcasts and bloggers say that a tool or a strategy works for a week and dies the following week. 

    The truth is that today digital marketing is less about digital and more about marketing mainly because digital marketing has reached the age of maturity.

    Its fundamentals have already been established.

    At iBooster, our goal is to eliminate the confusion about the strategies that work for your business and structure them to grow it.

    We are opposed to so-called gurus promoting the next “magic wand” that will allegedly kill email marketing, digital advertising or search engine optimization.

    We like to start with the fundamentals.

    The fundamentals of digital marketing are important for the growth of your business today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

    Understanding their operation allows you to understand how they will evolve.

    The first of the fundamental disciplines is Customer Journey.

    Customer Journey strategically builds relationships with potential new customers over time and converts them into loyal customers and frequent buyers.

    This process is what every web user goes through before becoming a new customer. That’s how outsiders become buyers and ultimately become the first fans of your business.

    It sounds simple when it is put like this, but the hard truth is that marketing is not a one-step process.

    The task of marketing is to continuously and uninterruptedly drive customers and prospects towards your business.

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