The Bitcoin meetup organized by the association BlockchainEdu will take place on Wednesday, December 12th, at the LuissEnlab in Rome.

The event – with presentations in English – will focus on two main themes, an in-depth analysis of smart contracts and an overview of the crypto market in Asia.

The first part will be hosted by Federico Tenga (co-founder and COO of Chainside) who will make a critical analysis of the state of development of smart contracts, exposing the differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum and showing how Bitcoin is an effective protocol to manage smart contracts and how it could develop and improve in the future.

In the second part, two international guests will speak, sharing their experience to clarify how the crypto sector is developing in Asian markets.

In particular, Scarlett Chen (CFO of the Chinese startup CoAlpha) will provide an overview of how the investment and mining market is evolving in China, while Dominik Weil (Co-Founder and COO of BitcoinVN), will give an overview of the Bitcoin market in Southeast Asia sharing his experience in running a Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam.

The event is the first in Italy that, thanks to real experts, focuses in-depth on the Asian markets, which are the driving force for the entire global crypto industry, making the meetup an opportunity not to be missed for all those interested in having a broader understanding of the Bitcoin market worldwide.

The meetup is organized in collaboration with Codemotion and is free, but requires registration on Eventbrite to access.

After the speakers’ speeches, there will be a networking event with a buffet.

Click here for the free registration.