Scatter, a well-known wallet that allows accessing your EOS account and more, has been duplicated on Chrome, becoming a scam extension that can steal crypto from any device.

It is always important to be really careful about what is downloaded on each device, this can be done by reading the descriptions of the various products. In fact, in the Chrome extensions store, by typing Scatter, one can find 2 extensions with the same name that have just been released.

Both are called Scatter, the first also uses the official image of the wallet to deceive the victims. Moreover, the Chrome extension that is offered by “” has the whole description in Chinese and refers to an extension app whose ID is jmhbficcmjhckknijcnofpollpiibokf.

While the official extension (not the scam) uses this ID ammjpmhgckkpcamddpolhchgomcojkle.

Obviously, the James brothers, the creators of Scatter, have already published a tweet where they inform that their extension has been removed, so it is no longer downloadable (although it continues to work for all those who had installed it before the removal of the link). The versions currently still downloadable on Chrome are practically false and have nothing to do with the Scatter extensions.