The largest independent investment bank in Latin America, Banco BTG Pactual SA, is ready to immerse itself in the crypto wolrd by found raising $15 million through an STO, an initial offer of its ReitBZ (RBZ) security token linked to real estate assets.

As reported, it seems that it will be possible to buy the new security token using the stable coin  Gemini Dollar (GUSD), and Ethereum (ETH).

Initially, Brazilian and US users are expected to be excluded from the investment. In this way, the global investors, thanks to the crypto world, will be able to provide the restoration of the real estate assets in crisis to which BTG are concerned.

Investors will receive periodic dividends from the recovery of the assets in crisis. The assets will be managed by Enforce, a company owned by BTG.

Gustavo Roxo, CTO of BTG commented:

“BTG is deploying its own capital to provide liquidity because it really believes in the crypto business. We came up with this structure because we think investors in the digital world have a higher risk-taking appetit”

The RBZ security token will be perpetual and the initial bidding period will last for about 90 days.

Just last week, global banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co announced in an interview that it will be issuing its first crypto JPM coin.