By now, the partnerships of the Litecoin Foundation are getting more and more bizarre, this time reaching the entertainment world thanks to a collaboration with C&U Entertainment.

While yesterday Litecoin announced the partnership with Glory Kickboxing and a while ago it sponsored the UFC35, today there is news that Charlie Lee wants to sign another agreement, this time with C&U Entertainment: VIP tickets can only be paid in the litecoin (LTC) crypto.

C&U Entertainment is a company that organises and produces K-pop (Korean pop) concerts.

The first concert to be sponsored by Litecoin will be on April 6th and will feature Kim Jong Kook and Ailee, as well as WheeSung, HaHa, Huh Gak, and Skull.

A few months ago, research showed that Asian investors are behind 75% of the daily crypto trades.

Charlie Lee explained:

“These entertainers have millions of followers across the globe, who in large part, are familiar with cryptocurrency and are historically early adopters of new technologies. The ability to tap into this type of audience through education and real world use cases can be really powerful for Litecoin”.