Today, March 22nd, at 1 pm Italian time, there will be a live session of Understanding Bitcoin with Giacomo Zucco. A live Q&A, during which the CEO and founder of BlockchainLab will answer questions from our readers.

The live broadcast will take place on the Cryptonomist Youtube channel and on the various social networks; comments can be conveniently sent directly to the platform.

With this live featuring Giacomo Zucco, the Understanding Bitcoin video series comes to an end. The episodes released were 8 and dealt with topics such as the creation of BTC, blockchain technology, Proof of Work and much more. We would like to invite our readers to ask any questions that may have emerged and which we have not had the opportunity to discuss in greater depth.

This Question & Answer with Giacomo Zucco is also the occasion to celebrate the anniversary of the magazine that celebrated its first year of life yesterday, 21st March. Our magazine, in fact, was born on March 21st, 2018. To date, we have published a total of more than 5000 articles, all of which are online in both Italian and English.