Once again the Scatter site has been targeted by hackers who, exploiting the naivety and superficiality of the common user, have created a scam website to steal private keys.

In fact, as seen in other similar cases, the domain name of the official Scatter website, get-scatter.com, has been exploited, replacing “.com” with “.io”.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the James brothers, creators of the famous wallet, the website is now offline. Indeed, in a few days from its creation (the domain was registered on 18.04.2019) the malicious website has been properly removed so as to avoid the risk of some users finding themselves with an empty wallet.

All official releases of Scatter can be found on the official GitHub page as well as previous versions.

In addition, if you are not sure of the website you are visiting, you can check the integrity of the file (by checking the hash) with appropriate commands. in Linux and MacOS terminals you can call the command shasum: console/terminal/cmd prompt: shasum -a 256 <filename><br>.

While for Windows it is possible to download the appropriate program, the equivalent of shasum, directly from the official Microsoft page.