In recent days we are witnessing what could perhaps represent a turning point for the value of bitcoin and an address has made a transaction for a total of 48,000 Bitcoins (BTC), representing, in fact, an unknown whale.

48000 btc transaction bitcoin

The transaction took place before the bitcoin price spiked, transferring at a price of about $6,959 with a total value of about $330 million. After the transaction and the surge to $7,500, it reached $360 million, “earning” in fact, $30 million within a few hours and paying a fee of 0.0000452 BTC, or about $0.30.

Going back to the transactions related to this address we see that these bitcoins are derived from several transactions and that the total amount was moved close (12-12-2017) to the maximum share reached by bitcoin in 2017, demonstrating the fact that those who moved these bitcoins know the market trend and have a fairly accurate forecasting ability.

Some hypothesize that this address could belong to Fidelity in preparation to enter the crypto market. Also, in this case, it is difficult to give a precise explanation, but if we look at the other important bitcoin transactions we see that there has been a significant movement to and from the exchanges for a total of 34,469 bitcoins in the hours following this BTC transaction.

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