Many people wonder what happened to the 7000 bitcoins (BTC) stolen from Binance and there is now a fake website trying to sell them at bargain prices.

It is indeed a fake website, so in reality, it seems that this HackTeam is not in possession of the 7000 BTCs, not least because in the meantime Whale Alert is trying to track them down.

According to the website page, HackTeam is trying to sell the 7000 BTCs, deriving from the recent Binance hack with a 70% discount. This cost is payable in ethereum (ETH).

This fake website was created on May 14th, 2019 and its server is located in Russia. For those who use the MetaMask plugin, a warning will appear about how this site is on their Ethereum Phishing warning list.

By proceeding beyond the warning message, or if the plugin is not installed, the fake website asks to enter a bitcoin address to receive the transaction and then redirects to the ethereum address page for the payment.

By checking the address of the scammers, they have already collected 4 ethereum (ETH) in less than 24 hours, for a total of about $1000 dollars.