In a recent tweet the Kraken exchange informs that in the last month the company has paid 250 employees in Bitcoin (BTC)

It all started with the statement by Peter Schiff, who offers investments in gold with his company, declaring that people will not work for a salary paid in Bitcoin (BTC), because the asset has no value of its own but is linked to market trends and therefore too risky for the worker.

Kraken responds to the statement by stating that in April the company paid 250 employees in Bitcoin (BTC), demonstrating how people and workers are inclined towards this type of solution.

In the same tweet, Kraken reveals that employees who were only paid 100% with Bitcoin (BTC) in 2012 retired the following year.

Kraken, with its about 800 employees working for the exchange, shows how all this is possible and that it is not only well accepted by the employees themselves but could also represent an opportunity for other companies that could replicate the pay model of the exchange, integrating a part of the employees’ salary directly in Bitcoin (BTC) or even allow the employees to choose the cryptocurrency they prefer.