report bugs blockchain

Report: $32,000 to fix bugs within blockchain systems

Hard Fork has drawn up a list of 15 companies that paid hackers and developers to fix system bugs
kraken partnership bnktothefuture

Kraken sells shares through partnership with BnkToTheFuture

Kraken announced a partnership with BnkToTheFuture to enable users to acquire the company's shares
sec posticipa etf bitcoin

No Bitcoin ETF for VanEck. The SEC postponed its decision

Maybe we will have to wait until August 2019
bitcoin btc halving

One year to the next bitcoin (BTC) halving

It will result in a 50% reduction in daily crypto production
coinbase commerce usd coin

Coinbase Commerce accepts payments in USD Coin

The addition of USDC to the cryptocurrencies accepted by the exchange payment system has been announced
cryptopia stolen ethereum

Cryptopia: the stolen Ethereum have been moved

This morning 30,000 ETHs were transferred from one of the addresses of the hacked exchange probably to the wallet of another exchange
coinbase trading volumes

Coinbase: 60% of trading volumes come from institutional investors

This was confirmed by the CEO of the exchange, Brian Armstrong
dash price

Dash: price increases by 40%

The week starts with a negative 24-hour balance
bitcoin google searches

US TV show discusses Bitcoin: boom in Google searches

"How to buy bitcoin" and "What is bitcoin" among the most common queries