ihs markit blockchain

IHS Markit blockchain system managing syndicated loans

This is a market worth 1 trillion dollars. The idea is to use blockchain technology to improve processes and management costs
underground bitcoin

Prague adds underground Bitcoin ATMs

At Prague’s subway, newspapers and cigarettes can be bought with bitcoin. This was announced by General Bytes, a company that produces cryptocurrency ATMs and holds 27% of the world market.
eos mainnet

Binance adds new pairs with the EOS mainnet

The largest exchange of cryptocurrencies opens trading to the new crypto pairs, a few days before they move from Ethereum to their own blockchain

Buterin wants to stop IMMO?

With some tweets, the creator of Ethereum questions the nature of a stable coin project, not confirmed to date, carried out by the family of ancient bankers.
niall ferguson bitcoin

Niall Ferguson Bitcoin fan

The famous Scottish professor claims that the crypto, blockchain and ICO are a revolution in progress. Although it is not said that they will replace the fiat currencies
crypto fam

The crypto fam: bitcoin’s market is being manipulated

A group of US traders, gathered in the Crypto Fam, argues that the trend of the crypto in recent months has suspected price manipulation
crypto trading analysis

Crypto Trading Analysis: The market is suffering

The bear keeps the sector in check, the only positive signs are for Bitcoin Diamond and Bitcoin Private. The challenge for Queen Bitcoin is to keep her price over the $7,000 area.
vechain blockchain

Agreement between VeChain Blockchain and the Chinese Lingang

The blockchain will enter the innovation platform managed by the local authority. The goal of the Lingang Trade Center is to attract the world's most significant technological examples
hedera hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph revolutionizes blockchain technology

Vice President Jordan Fried says: "Today networks are inefficient, slow, and not scalable. Our algorithm solves these problems".