tarco international

Tarco International launches AuAg tokens

Tarco International launches tokens backed by gold and silver
crypto clone

VanEck and SolidX: a bitcoin crypto clone issued

The CBOE asked the SEC to give the green light on the crypto clone issued by the two companies.
zcash protocol

The hybrid model of the Zcash protocol

The main source of financing is not the sale of tokens, but a fixed share of 1.44% on all mined ZECs. The objective is to promote privacy as a human right
state channels

Ten state channels solutions for the blockchain

With so-called state channels, user interactions are moved out of blockchain technology without increasing the risk between participants.
Blockchain Religion

Blockchain religion, fanaticism in the crypto world

As with any innovative movement, there may be aspects of fanaticism in the crypto world. It happens when you believe you are part of something unique and unrepeatable
VR blockchain

A VR blockchain project with High Fidelity

With High Fidelity, the creator of Second Life has already raised $70 million. The goal is to connect people through simulated worlds, created by the users themselves
bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining can influence the price

It is not mining that affects the value of the crypto, the opposite is truer. It depends on an automatism useful to keep fixed the rhythm of the creation of new blocks
india cryptos

In India cryptos are bought by women

According to a survey by BuyUcoin, in the subcontinent, the amount invested in digital currencies by females si on average twice as that of males
bitcoin holidays

This year bitcoin holidays are possible

Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, but in the future even a trip to the Moon. Here's how technology makes giant strides for crypto lover tourists