732000 bitcoin addresses

732,000 bitcoin addresses contain at least 1 BTC

There is an increasing number of addresses with higher incoming flows than outgoing ones
timewarp attack mining difficulty

Timewarp Attack: how to reduce the mining difficulty

This is a less known threat than the classic "51% attack" but can lead to much faster double spending
What are blockchain confirmations

What are blockchain confirmations and why they are important

A transaction is not valid if it does not reach a certain number of confirmations

XRP analysis: discrepancies in Ripple funds

Coin Metrics has discovered interesting news about the centralised crypto
everipedia eos mainnet

Everipedia migrates to the EOS mainnet

This is the first decentralised encyclopedia on the blockchain, created by the founder of Wikipedia himself
OKEx futures Tron

OKEx launches futures on Tron (TRX)

Today the exchange has added this new feature
send and receive cryptocurrencies WhatsApp

Now you can send and receive cryptocurrencies with WhatsApp

Another important announcement that seeks to bring crypto transactions directly to mobile via the world's most popular messaging app
best blockchain games

The 7 best blockchain games for earning bitcoin (BTC) and crypto

There is no need for mining, trading or masternodes to obtain crypto. This can be done just by having fun
stellar lumens transactions

Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Memo in transactions

The need for this feature is often a source of confusion and error on the part of users