Seth Godin centralized control

Seth Godin highlights the limits of centralized control

On his personal blog, the American author talks about peer-to-peer as an alternative that could bring about a radical cultural change.
Netherlands Odyssey Hackathon

Netherlands: government to support the Odyssey Hackathon

The third edition of the event will be held next month
top 5 ted talks blockchain

The Top 5 TED talks about blockchain

What are the most-watched TED talks related to blockchain and cryptocurrency?
bitcoin scam eidoo

The author of the bitcoin scam was arrested thanks to Eidoo and Vank

It was a young Genovese computer scientist in possession of false documents, thanks to which he pretended to be an operator of well-known companies in the crypto sector
blockchain in air travel

Blockchain in air travel, what uses?

The DLT could facilitate airport control procedures by improving efficiency and speed, but at what price?
giacomo zucco live on youtube

Giacomo Zucco: what happened during the live on Youtube

A live broadcast was held last Friday where readers asked questions to the founder of BlockchainLab

Stellar: a record transaction of 1 billion XLM

This occurred after the announcement of IBM's support to several banks for the implementation of crypto services
blockchain region lombardy research

Blockchain: Italian Region of Lombardy begins research

Thanks to the Three-Year Strategic Programme financed with 750 million euro, a series of experiments are underway to quantify the cost/benefit ratio and the actual added value
ripple vs stellar

Ripple vs Stellar: comparison of cross-border payment blockchains

Ripple vs Stellar: two different approaches but the objectives are similar. Despite the continuous series of banking partnerships which sees Ripple with a positive response...