russia ico

Russia ICO, banks are designing a token

NRM and Sberbank join forces to design an ICO in agreement with the Central Bank

History of Crypto Hedge Funds

In Australia, a new fund dedicated to cryptocurrencies and ICOs has been set up for small investors. Let's go over the history of these investment funds
Cryptocurrency Day Trading

Cryptocurrency Day Trading: A quick look at Eos and Tron

Rebound attempts for the entire industry trying to reach more than 340 billion of capitalization
bitcoin gold hack

Bitcoin Gold hack: 18 million dollars stolen

The 51% attack on BTG a few days ago allowed attackers to illegally take possession of tokens

OpenNode, a new payment processor on the Lightning Network

The first scalable "PayPal" based on Bitcoin's LN is here
ico scams

ICO scams: 20% of projects according to WSJ

According to research carried out by the well-known American magazine, most of the token sales are just big swindles. But some figures are not convincing, let's see why
revolut card

Revolut Card adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

After adding the sale of crypto, the app expands its market adding two new currencies, promising that in the future it would add more
bitcoin manipulated

Bitcoin manipulated, investigation in the US

The Federal Attorney-General cooperates with the CFTC on alleged illegal practices. The accusation is that large traders can inflate prices by flooding the market with false orders
unocoin exchange

India, exchange Unocoin refunds customers

The largest exchange in the country, after price glitches price with some cryptos, decided to refund 200 rupees in bitcoin to the victims. Although no one has lost anything