EarthBi ready for IEO on Lukki Exchange: 16-25 August 2019

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New launch of ERA token on the new crypto platform 

EarthBi is pleased to announce a new IEO – Initial Exchange Offer – of ERA token on Lukki Exchange, available from August 16th to August 25th, 2019.

After the great success of last ERA IEO, the green project dedicated to spread the certified blockchain bioplastics is back in the crypto market through a new crypto platform: Lukki Exchange.

As already described, ERA token is based on Ethereum blockchain, ERC-20 token, and is designed to allow users to get benefits on the precious and still scarce EarthBi bioplastic which is biobased and biodegradable, being therefore also biocompatible with the environment. 

In fact, bioplastic production represents today only 2% of the total plastic production, which amounts to 400 million tons per year. A figure destined to grow also thanks to the global awareness on the theme of sustainable plastic. 

EarthBi is already in this market with its own vision: reduce plastic pollution and environmental problems by replacing plastic material with its original PLA-based bioplastic. This is its contribute to rebalance the environmental cost of progress by using innovation technology to serve the green market. 

This eco-friendly material is already used in different industrial sectors: packaging, automotive, electronic consumers, cosmetics, toys, textile and it continues to be the subject of studies.

EarthBi bioplastic is also certified by blockchain to guarantee in full transparency the entire bioplastic supply chain. This particular feature could be in the upcoming future a real advantage in a market which has already taken its first steps. 

In fact, today the production cost of bioplastics is around $ 1.56 per kg and the sale can reach well over $ 15 per kg.  

ERA token is also a utility token that guarantees to buyers benefits such as greater quantities of the material and / or discounts on bioplastic design products. 

The new green blockchain revolution keeps involving cryptocurrency users

From August 16th to August 25th, 2019, ERA token will be available also on Lukki Exchange in their launchpad section. 

EarthBi project keeps following its Road Map which sees for the current year the availability of 31 million ERA tokens through IEO and Listing on crypto platform. 

At present, ERA is listed on Eidoo and Nexex crypto-exchange while from the coming weeks on Bitforex – thanks to the opportunity offered by Lukki, the ERA listing on Bitforex platform has been postponed -.

Now it’s time for Lukki Exchange which has already been a great solution for IEO projects.

Details about the IEO are coming soon. Stay tuned.



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