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Cryptonomist, sharing the future

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Dear readers, it has been less than a month since we started the adventure with the Cryptonomist. A brief time, a work in progress that is still developing.

However, we want to start talking numbers and sharing what we are preparing for the foreseeable future. Even in the hope that you will want to help us, maybe giving us advice and proposing ideas.

First, we want to thank the early readers of the Cryptonomist, the ones that from the beginning were reading and sharing our news, stories, and interviews.

What we would like to do, in fact, is to go beyond the day-by-day news. We would like to tell stories, both of individuals and corporations, about this new and unknown field.

A bit like some explorers of the past, who have had the courage to venture into unexplored lands describing them to the rest of the world.

Our motto is in fact: Let’s tell the future. It is no coincidence that we believe that cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain technology are just the beginning of what, in the coming years, will become essential for everyone’s daily life.

Events not to be missed

Our April agenda is already full of appointments, both in Italy and Switzerland, also detailed in our Events Calendar that you can find on the website.

First on the list is Blockchain Now, sharing the location with IOThings in Milan on the 10th and 11th of April. Cryptonomist.ch is the official sponsor of this event, so you can come and visit us both days of the event at our stand and listen to Amelia Tomasicchio’s talk, our Chief Marketing Officer, and Co-founder.

This speech will be held on April 11th at 2 pm and bears the title:

Crypto world, blockchain and information – analysis on how the media in the world deals with the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The importance of a project like Cryptonomist.”

Cryptonomist also sponsors the Swiss association CryptoPolis, so we want to remind you about the blockchain meetups to which we will participate.

The next free of charge meetups will be held in Lugano on the 19th of April and will see different speakers presenting their ICOs: ORS, ParkinGo, Sgame Pro and Dartcoin.

Cryptonomist is now on Telegram

Cryptonomist’s Telegram channel was launched a few days ago, where we share our articles daily.

Telegram is one of the most used platforms by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we had to be there. Considering that many social networks are blocking the spread of information regarding the crypto world. For this reason, our Twitter account has been disabled (we are working to solve the problem).

We would like you to subscribe to our newsletter (the form is at the bottom of the page), a service that we plan to activate soon so that you can receive weekly highlights about the crypto world.

Cryptonomist becomes English-friendly

By the beginning of May, we decided to target a broader audience with the English version of the website. You can read the translated articles of the Italian version and vice versa.

In short, follow us, let’s tell the future.

Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchiohttps://cryptonomist.ch
Esperta di digital marketing, Amelia inizia a lavorare nel settore fintech nel 2014 dopo aver scritto la sua tesi di laurea sulla tecnologia Bitcoin. Precedentemente è stata un'autrice di diversi magazine crypto all'estero e CMO di Eidoo. Oggi è co-founder e direttrice di Cryptonomist, oltre che Italian PR manager per l'exchange Bitget. E' stata nominata una delle 30 under 30 secondo Forbes. Oggi Amelia è anche insegnante di marketing presso Digital Coach e ha pubblicato un libro "NFT: la guida completa'" edito Mondadori. Inoltre è co-founder del progetto NFT chiamati The NFT Magazine, oltre ad aiutare artisti e aziende ad entrare nel settore. Come advisor, Amelia è anche coinvolta in progetti sul metaverso come The Nemesis e OVER.