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LTC payments on more than one million POS

Clover recently announced that it has reached 1 million POS devices distributed in the market.

Clover’s POS devices, in addition to fiat currencies, also support Litecoin, although only indirectly.

In fact, within the Clover App Store, the Litecoin payment app is not downloadable, as it would violate their policies.

However, it is possible to connect the POS to a wallet like LoafWallet and use it to receive payments in Litecoin with the issue of receipts or invoices either printed or sent by email.

The discovery of this possible connection was made by Jon Moore of Nationwide Merchant and was illustrated in a video published on YouTube by J. Mack.

In this regard, Jon Moore said that each Clover device has the ability to add new payment buttons in the settings: in this way Litecoin can be selected as one of the payment options available to the end user.

In fact, Clover allows the various payment options to work with the existing systems they normally use.

This allows all merchants who use Clover’s POS, i.e. more than a million businesses, to accept Litecoin payments as easily as they accept fiat currencies.

In fact, once integrated into the POS, Litecoin works just like any other currency, automatically connecting with the wallet.

Moreover, thanks to the fact that receipts and invoices issued with the device can also be sent by email, and since they also contain the QR code to make the payment, you can use Clover to receive payments in Litecoin remotely.

A next step could be the publication of an app dedicated to Litecoin payments on the Clover App Store, but for now, this solution is not possible due to Clover’s policies.

To date, the company states: “It is against Clover App market policies to develop apps that accept cryptocurrency payments e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. Therefore no apps that integrate crypto payments with Clover are accepted into the app market”.

The company is obviously aware that the devices can be connected to Litecoin wallets since litecoin.com claims to have contacted and interviewed them, but it seems that Clover has decided not to take action against this kind of use, quite the contrary in fact.

In other words, Clover allows the use of the cryptocurrency but prefers to use only external tools.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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