dForce is a DeFi platform that focuses on offering the community a complete ecosystem where users can easily interface with each other, covering a full set of functionalities, supported by a variety of protocols, designed to fulfil any need, ranging from liquidity and stability to the offering of financial instruments such as Lending or Derivatives

The degree of interoperability and programmability of these protocols manage to give the platform itself a certain competitive advantage in the market, thus succeeding in transferring a higher level of value perceived by the user, fuelling the values linked to a DeFi platform, namely full decentralization and openness of an increasingly accessible type of finance.

Essentially its complete infrastructure is composed of three different types of protocols that contribute together to correct and efficient functioning of the platform. 

The first type is called Monetary Protocol and currently consists of USDx, a synthetic stablecoin such as sUSD from the Synthetix platform, but which unlike the latter has a very interesting feature. In fact, its value is indexed to that of three other stablecoins so that it is made up as follows: 

1 USDx = 35% USDC + 35% PAX + 30% TUSD.  

This balance can be changed over time through governance decisions, which are exclusively on-chain. 

dForce will later include other types of stablecoins that will have different underlying assets for a wider investment choice.