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Bitcoin Cash hard fork is coming soon

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork will arrive on November 15th and so the preparations by the organizations that support this cryptocurrency have begun.

On October 22nd the initiative supported by Craig Wright and Nchain SV-Pool announced that the mining pool has been opened to the public.

This is the pool that according to CoinDance was responsible for 2.6% of the total hashrate of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain over the past week. SV-Pool mined the first block on October 10th when it was still in beta, accessible by invitation only.

According to a recent announcement, SV-Pool is on the side of the miners and follows the “miners first” philosophy.

As a result, miners can participate in the pool and be paid by means of the pay-per-last-n-shares (PPLNS) system until other payroll systems are added to the pool scheduled for November.

New clients have already been released, power to the miners

The new Bitcoin Unlimited code has also been released, updated to be compatible with the guidelines of the Bitcoin ABC team.

Bitcoin Unlimited’s intention is to allow miners to vote on feature integration using the BIP135 system. The team stated that compatibility with the new SV guidelines is underway.

The CoinDance cryptocurrency statistics website has also made some changes. Among these, we find the section dedicated to the explicit support of mining pools which reports that “the vote will start soon”.

Another page added is that of politics and public opinion, which contains a list of companies that support BCH and organizations with their proposals.

Adrian Zmudzinski
Adrian Zmudzinski
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