Zcash Company has officially changed its name. The result of the rebranding is Electric Coin Company. However, the company has also another name, the legal one, which is Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, LLC.

The change of name of Zcash was announced through a tweet published yesterday, February 21st.

zcash changes name

Zcash remains the name of the crypto, created and supported with the help of the community.

The Zcash Foundation is managed separately and is mostly focused on the privacy and security of the Zcash protocols.
The change of name has also led to change the various domains, so as not to confuse everything with the old name. This will help the public identify the new brand.

The substantial change will also take place on the social side where new domains will be created specifically and the old ones of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook will be updated with the new wording Electric Coin Company.

Hopefully, this rebranding of Zcash will not create conflicts between users, especially due to the fact that the ill-intentioned could take the opportunity to create fake websites.