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Eidoo patron of the statue “Crypto Connection” by Federico Clapis

Eidoo Crypto Connection: London will host the first sculpture dedicated to crypto and officially commissioned by a startup of the blockchain industry

Eidoo patron of the statue “Crypto Connection” by Federico Clapis. Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano.

Next June 15, London will host the inauguration of the sculpture “Crypto Connection”, commissioned by Eidoo, a Swiss company that has produced an easy and intuitive wallet for Ethereum and its tokens.

Created by contemporary artist Federico Clapis, the statue is three meters high and is made of bronze. It raises questions about the future of global finance and what impact will blockchain technology and cryptos have on our daily lives.

Interviewed by Cryptonomist, Clapis explains:

“I believe Eidoo is the perfect partner of my artistic vision.

Live the future every day as if it were already present.

I think that blockchain technology represents a decisive step for our technological and economic evolution, with effects spreading to every sector, including art. I am very happy to be able to represent the “Crypto Connection” that binds us together, a link similar to the one that binds a mother to a Child of the Future”.

The sculpture will be placed for 10 days at London’s Observation Point, a central area near the Thames and a popular venue for high-profile art events.

After these 10 days, it will be moved to Lugano, Switzerland, where Eidoo has its headquarters.

Happy to encourage the spread of a culture of innovation through a work of art, Eidoo commissioned this sculpture to encourage the public, even outside the sector, to reflect deeply on the current crypto hype in a blunt and captivating way.

“Crypto Connection” has been defined as one of the most ambitious projects of the so-called guerrilla marketing, reflecting the dichotomy of cryptocurrencies: an apparently fleeting trend, but built to resist.

Eidoo’s Director, Thomas Bertani, said: “We’re thrilled to be hosting the first crypto sculpture the UK has seen, right in the creative hub of London. With the crypto space developing fast and reaching those outside of the sector, we wanted to explore a way to communicate to a wider public. Surely the only way to translate to the mainstream the importance of a world-changing technology in a tangible way is through the ingenuity of art? We have immensely enjoyed working with Federico Clapis who has managed to capture our intention through this awe-inspiring piece. We’re delighted to warmly invite all who are interested in the event in June.”

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Wallem’s presentation

June 15 will not only be an opportunity to watch Clapis’s work and talk to the entire Eidoo team, Wallem will also be presented to the market, a game similar to Pokemon Go that will revolutionize the way of organizing token airdrops.

It is a mobile application that lets you collect tokens and cryptos while you go for a walk. Thanks to the use of augmented reality, players will also be able to fight and steal tokens, with a single or multiplayer game.

But before landing in the UK, Wallem will make its first real appearance during the ICO Race event to be held on June 7 in Lugano.

Interviewed by Cryptonomist, the CPO of Wallem explained:

Wallem is a way to get closer to the world of cryptocurrencies in a fun and safe environment. The players, gathering and collecting tokens, can discover the details of new ICOs thanks to the data sheets present in the game. Especially with Facebook, Twitter and Google banning ICO ads, even airdrops are at risk. Through Wallem ICOs can make their tokens and their projects known through the world of gaming. The airdrop of tokens within the world of Wallem is needed both to involve players and to attract audiences at special events or locations”.

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