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DNA-based NFTs by Tech Startup Anryton Promise to Revolutionize Health Record Systems and Solve Inheritance Issues


Human DNA contains a huge amount of information about a person and is one of the most accurate ways to identify someone. Despite humans being 99.5% identical to each other at the DNA level, the remaining 0.5% contains a large degree of variation, creating a genetic fingerprint that makes every individual unique. 

This wealth of information contained in every person’s DNA is being harnessed by Anryton, a technology startup that focuses on moving data seamlessly and securely across the globe. The company has recently launched a DNA-based non-fungible token (NFT), which will serve as the basis of a digital passport that resolves two genetics-based pain points for many people today, the first of which is medical records and data.

According to Anryton, existing medical health record systems remain quite rudimentary, still being stored on media such as DVDs or CDs, which could easily get lost. As of now, there is yet to be a single health record system that can be accessed anywhere and is interoperable and portable globally. Most health record systems are confined to particular regions and hospitals. Thus, patients are having difficulty accessing their records when they’re outside of their country of origin or country of residence. This complicates the care process, especially during a medical emergency overseas. 

While there have been attempts by several tech giants to create global cloud-based medical record systems, Anryton says the centralized nature of these systems creates security issues, as individuals rarely have full ownership of the data on those centralized systems, creating fears that their sensitive health data is being shared or sold without their consent. A breach or hacking of the cloud could also result in the medical data of thousands or even millions of people being compromised. 

Anryton’s DNA-based NFT passport contains all of a person’s relevant health data, such as medical history, allergies, imaging results, lab work, consultation notes, diet and exercise plans, and many more. Being a blockchain-based technology, it’s more secure and gives full ownership of data to the individual, so they have sole authority to give access to the data. It is also accessible to all doctors and hospital systems virtually anywhere in the world. Because DNA contains so much information about a person, families can identify if any inheritable conditions are running in their genes and take proactive action, especially since all of their health data is easily and securely accessible.

The second pain point that the DNA-based NFT passport solves pertains to assets and inheritance. The passport can hold an individual’s various assets, such as land titles, bank accounts, car certificates of ownership, and wills. Other details can also be linked to the passport, simplifying the inheritance process. This reduces the stress involved in the process, making it easy for heirs to prove that they truly are the relative of the person who passed away without a will or proper documentation. According to Anryton, this creates a DNA-based verification system that is one of the most reliable methods in existence today.

Following the announcement of Anryton’s DNA-based NFT, the digital passport technology will come into operation when Anryton launches its blockchain network in early 2024. The creation of DNA-based NFTs is currently on a limited run before a global launch of the technology next year.

Once the technology has been fully launched, users can easily create an account on Anryton’s mobile application or website. However, they will need their DNA base files, which can be obtained through laboratories such as BioAro, a genomic technology company, and Anryton’s parent firm.

“The world needs a decentralized, highly secure, and private blockchain-based data storage solution for medical information and assets,” says Dr. Anmol Kapoor, founder of Anryton and BioAro. “Anryton is pioneering the concept of digital identity through digital documentation, encompassing assets, health records, and many other future applications. This makes life easier for individuals to access their data, transporting and accessing it globally in a secure manner, where no one has control except themselves and the people they expressly give access to. We seek to lead the transformation of the prevailing method of data storage from centralized to decentralized, placing ownership into people’s hands and allowing them to be the masters of their own destinies.”

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