Spend.com announced in a post that their app, Spend App, will be integrated and compatible with the Apple Pay and Google Pay services, thus supporting both iPhone and Android devices.

“Sneak peek of some upcoming announcements! Spend is officially an Apple Pay provider! Spend clients will have the ability to link their Spend Visa Card to their Apple Wallet. This feature will become available in Spend App v2.5. Stay tuned for more updates on April 17th!”.

Spend is now among the companies offering a service connected to more than 16 digital currencies. In addition, they have created an innovative system for transferring, spending and sending digital assets and currencies. Users can connect their Spend Visa Card directly to the Apple and Google wallets.

By connecting the card to those services, users can use their funds whether these are traditional fiats (Spend supports 27 different fiat currencies) or crypto (over 16 cryptocurrencies).

In order to use the app and the new functions, available from version 2.5, the user will have to carry out a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure within the app itself.

Users may also request a physical copy of the card and benefit from 6% cashback on all purchases made with the card.

The cards are already available in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, with different levels depending on the card chosen, which are 3 in total, depending on both the functions available and on the daily liquidity limit of the card.