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The arrival of human avatars

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Dr. Raco, all set for the token sale of Ubiatarplay?

Yes, we’re ready to get started on the 9th of May. Ideally, we would have launched earlier, but we had to postpone due to the new regulations in Switzerland. The new rules require an accredited entity to certify the smart contract that will receive and manage the money derived from the token sale.

All this, of course, to protect those who participate. However, this has lengthened the time required to release the token.

Meanwhile, our team has participated in more than 15 events around the world, as sponsors and speakers in conferences related to the blockchain. I add that we are optimistic about the ICO because Ubiatarplay, the marketplace of avatars, has already a functional web app and a downloadable app from the Apple and Google stores.

Any information about the avatars?

Currently, we have more than 250 verifiable avatars through the platform’s map. At the moment, avatars are rentable for free for a trial period. We believe that after the ICO when we can make revenues with Ubiatar Coin, the number of avatars will grow exponentially. We aim to have about 1000 avatars already active in summer and at least 10,000 by the end of 2018.

What can you say about Ubiatargaming?

I must say that people have been very impressed and intrigued by our vertical application Ubiatargaming. It works like this: you rent an avatar that plays for you inside a space built in an industrial shed. It’s a video game, but instead of playing with a person designed on a PC, you play with a real person who moves according to your directions. It is a very curious application and in some respects also ingenious.

Can you summarize the project and how do you plan to develop it over time?

The Ubiatarplay project intends to create and develop the first and only marketplace of Human Avatars; real people equipped with a camera that, in exchange for a paid job, decide to be rented to carry out tasks for other people. These avatars can visit Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin, but also St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Hong Kong. We shot videos explaining everything, for example on how Ubiatarplay can work in the field of automotive and motorcycle entertainment, with exceptional testimonials, which will be ready soon.

Where can we follow you?

Each nation uses its own way to create a community. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Github, and Medium. We also have an active Telegram group where we offer help related to the ICO.

Initiatives after the ICO?

In the presale we raised about 6 million dollars, with the ICO we aim at five times more. The capital raised will be used primarily for two things: to develop and improve the user experience of the app and to implement marketing actions so that Ubiatar becomes a brand on a massive scale such as Amazon, Uber or Facebook. At the same time, Ubiatarplay will have to become the easiest way to invent a job and honestly earn a reward. After the token sale, we will be present at all the events in the world related to industrial maintenance, real estate, and tourism, to demonstrate how Ubiatar can be used in very practical matters.


Claudio Kaufmann
Claudio Kaufmann
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