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Bettinardi (Dartcoin), “a token to make art immortal”

Leggi qui l’intervista in Italiano.

In this interview, Paolo Bettinardi, founder of Dartcoin, explains his project regarding a new way of understanding art, taking advantage of blockchain technology.

Bettinardi is an expert in innovative startups and has also launched internationally the art movement cracking art, a project with more than 400 installations around the world and more than 200,000 euros of donations through the initiative “Art regenerates art. “

Let’s start with the name, why Dartcoin?

Dart will give us the opportunity to aim high, decentralizing the art market. Decentralized Art Coin.

Why focus on the art world?

Art is our historical memory. In the past, it was supported by patrons who through art have made their names immortal while delivering masterpieces to the community.

Today the world of art is an oligopolistic system that does not allow young artists to emerge and excludes the new generations from museums because they have different ways of communicating. In the first half of 2017, 25 artists generated 44.6% of sales during contemporary art auctions. The market is estimated at $2.7 billion.

Art is mainly digital today, expressing itself through images and adapting to fast-paced social networks, it is supported by “followers” and gratified by “likes“.

Current artists rarely exhibit in Art Galleries but know exactly how their value will grow based on their social recognition quantified in followers.

Your motto is “Creative destruction.” Can you explain that?

A work of art is perceived as physical, you look at a picture and want to possess it, is an atavistic concept of material possession. The technological evolution is shifting towards the dematerialization of the physical, making it possible to experience art in every moment, place and with any device. The great art collectors never enjoy all the works purchased because they are kept in banks, forgotten in archives or scattered around the world.

Why cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are an example: the paper money is now moving towards the digital currency, credit cards and more, the physical support is destined to disappear. So also with art, the aim is the dematerialization of the property. Dartcoin is just that: owning something that becomes immortal because the physical aspect has been destroyed.

What does exactly Dartcoin do?

To extend the way in which a work of art can be collected, enjoyed and transferred giving emerging artists the opportunity to be appreciated and rewarded economically for their value and social recognition and not for policies dictated by a small group of merchants and financiers.The goal of Dartcoin is to create an alternative to physicality, seen as a limit, of works of art where collectors, private or corporate, can:

  •  Replicate in every place and on every device the work of art
  •  Avoid transport and insurance problems 
  • Simply and freely trade the work without the need for intermediaries 
  • Remove the need for experts to certify their authenticity.
  • Insert in your collection, through digital reproduction, works of museums that are inaccessible.

A curiosity, how did you get closer to the blockchain world?

All innovations have always amazed me, from the birth of the Internet to my first startups. Innovation has always been a topic that has led me to invest my time and resources on one project rather than another. In 1998 the Internet became common domain and in less than 20 years it became indispensable for the modern economy. Blockchain technology is evolving and I am sure that within a few years it will be commonly utilized.

I am fascinated by the blockchain system because it promotes democratization and decentralization.

Amelia Tomasicchio
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